Welcome to Real Audio Entertainment

Welcome to Read Audio Entertainment
Leading Provider of Karaoke Systems and KOD Systems in Singapore


kd2Follow the escalating era, the generation, environment and lifestyle have changed and improved tremendously. End users are now more well-versed and high demand on their requirements of their entertainment equipment. Karaoke being in the market for decades and karaoke-lover still sings through the same tradition system, commonly as a pair of speaker, karaoke amplifier and microphone and except for the new and different R&D technologies used from the past to create a new generation karaoke sound field.

Simultaneously, karaoke equipments now are more advanced, higher quality and more affordable than in the past. Karaoke entertainment is suitable for almost all age group. Reports had shown that singing is a form of natural voice therapy to release stress. The signals of music can be a way to express and to share our feelings and emotions. In deep, singing to your love one is another sense of touch. With escalating years of experience in designing and often defining state-of-the-art karaoke systems to meet the demands of the market both in domestic Singapore and overseas, the products and services rendered in rolling out new designs, models and latest state-of-the-art karaoke amplifiers, speakers and other system to satisfy the discerning individuals who appreciate quality products for their listening and singing pleasure.

Indeed, our company Real Audio Entertainment and BIKI ® brand is created as a market icon for our services and commitment to all customers. Our products offer superior quality both in design and also manufacturing process.  Bearing the tagline, …Your Ultimate Choice!, those sentence is also abbreviate to our commitments on, Your – for all of you and esteem customers, Ultimate Choice – for our strictest quality control on karaoke R&D and quality controlled and final the most important, our customer – YOU !

We have numerous years of experience in setting and supply KOD ( karaoke On Demand ), Karaoke system equipment , audio and video etc, in various area and also rightfully authorized by COMPASS  ( Composers And Authors Society Of Singapore Ltd ) to handle places including commercial entertainment area.

Over the years, we have countless number of customers and supporter that still staying with us and most are still working closely even as we speak!

For Trade Inquiries, please email sales@realaudio.com.sg